What Gives Me Joy At This Point In My Life

I had a thought about what really made me feel happy and the memories of when I felt joy. This is an important question to ask yourself periodically as this will help bring clarity to you on what matters most to your heart. This will then guide you to know what goals you want to work towards, for yourself and your family.

The Most Practical Way To Reduce Anxiety and Depression

During these times of gloom, the one key thing that eased my symptoms and brought me out of my shell of anxiety and depression was physical activity and exercise. My husband would take me out for long walks in the evenings, in the park or around our neighborhood. The change in scenery, the fresh air and perspiration helped.

How to Pump Breastmilk Efficiently – 5 Useful Tips

After my maternity leave ended, I was adamant that my pumping sessions did not affect my work. In my scenario, I didn’t have the luxury to pump the ideal intervals of every 3 – 4 hourly per the breastfeeding guidelines. Eventually I managed to find methods and ways to optimize the pumping sessions when I’m at work, which ensured that I was able to maintain consistent milk supply for my kids without affecting my working hours and commitments too much.