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The Most Important Advice I’ve Heard About Weight Loss

It is not so much what works for you, instead it’s what sticks with you.

There are many scientific based methods to lose weight established out there.

For starters, there is the standard calorie counting method, versus adopting the ketogenic diet where food groups such as carbohydrates are cut out from your meals since they cause a blood glucose spike which causes weight gain.

For exercise, there are strength and resistance training, and calisthenics where muscle building is key to burning more calories at rest, then there’s traditional cardio like jogging, swimming, or even aerobics-based activities like Zumba.

So many resources are now available and sometimes it feels like there is too much information, so which do you choose?

Which would be the most effective to help you achieve weight loss?

In my opinion, the important thing to be considered here is sustainability.

The key is to choose a form of weight loss method that you can adapt to your lifestyle for the long term.

Because it should be a lifestyle change and not a one-off trial that you embark on for a month or so.

This is why juicing and crash diets don’t work, in my opinion, as they cannot be sustained.

And the motivation should be a lifestyle change to achieve a healthier, better you.

One where you are happy, inside and out and not constantly craving food or binge eating after a season of restricting.

So whatever method you choose, make sure you can fit it into your life.

It may look like having a cake and ice cream occasionally and not cutting out completely any specific food, but not eating after 8 pm daily and doing a 10 to 12-hour intermittent fast. It can be doing 10 minutes of strength training in the morning before the kids are awake or deciding to walk more at work to increase your daily calorie burn.

Results may show up slowly, but since you are being consistent, the weight will gradually drop slowly over a few months to a year.

The best part is that you can sustain this lifestyle for life.

Think about it, as this may be a better suit for the average person like myself, and maybe for you too.

And I get to eat the cakes at any birthday party I’m at.

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