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January 2022

I Want A Rock To Sit On

Maybe, a nice big rock with a good view in front of it. A cool breeze would be nice too.

Because we all need those moments of pensive quietness to sort out our thoughts.

An Ode To My Bed

An appreciative post to one of the most overlooked objects in my home that have seen me through the seasons of life.

My 3 Must-Haves For An Ideal Date Night Out

Relationships take work to continuously maintain and grow, as two separate individuals are involved in a long-term commitment. Make the time spent with your partner count, and figure out what both of you want for a date night out.

Of Restlessness and Insomnia

The busyness of the day is a distraction, a pace to keep moving and going, and when the house is quiet my thoughts come out and crowd my mind.