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July 2021

Why We Chose the Person We Married

Compatibility does not necessarily mean two persons of same character. It’s actually a a fitting of two different personalities together to form a better partnership. If you get it right, both parties thrive. If you get it wrong, it will be a lifetime of struggle.

5 Awesome Unknown Songs Discovered from Movies

  • Music

I compiled a list of my Top 5 songs discovered from movies. I’ve linked to the Youtube videos for each below. Give them a listen and maybe you may like it too and add it into your Spotify playlist.

Lotus Biscoff – Snack of the week # 2

  • Food

In this week’s ‘Snack of the week’ food review, I will be talking about Lotus Biscoff which consist of their caramelized cookie butter spread , biscuits and cookies. All of which taste really good and has a very unique flavor.