Autobiography… Of A Pen?

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When you have no life story to write about, would you be able to write your life as an inanimate object?

The Most Practical Way To Reduce Anxiety and Depression

During these times of gloom, the one key thing that eased my symptoms and brought me out of my shell of anxiety and depression was physical activity and exercise. My husband would take me out for long walks in the evenings, in the park or around our neighborhood. The change in scenery, the fresh air and perspiration helped.

Mercury’s Story

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This is a short story about Mercury, the most unfortunate of the lot. Its inner core was not solid-state nor was it molten metallic liquid. No, it was soft and foamy.

What happened to the mercury ball? Did it collided with another planet ? Did a stray asteroid hit it and split it up into huge chunks that are now floating away in space?

Le cockroach surprise

It was 1am on a friday night, I entered our bedroom quietly to not wake up our sleeping 13month old baby E