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Get Going Then Get Good

I learned something about writing while running on my treadmill today.

Trying to multitask while exercising, I popped in my wireless earphones and listened to a Youtube video from productivity expert Ali Abdaal on a topic about starting a Youtube channel versus starting writing, and the advice given for beginners at both content creation platforms, either on Youtube or at online writing was to start producing more content versus worrying about the quality of each content.

This basically means, quantity trumps quality at the initial stage of writing or video creation.

Another way of phrasing this term was to ‘Get Going then Get Good’ which means to start creating and consistently publishing new content at the early stages. Then as you progress on, added with the experience from releasing an increased amount of written content, you then eventually get better at content creation and start scaling up on the quality of your work.

Although I had heard of this advice when I initially started writing last year, I’ve never heard it phrased in such a simple way before and it made me re-emphasize to myself that I should continue to write and publish consistently, even when I was afraid of releasing a written piece that may not get many views or may not be a popular topic, or felt that it was imperfect. 

On some days, this fear prevents me from even starting to write a new piece. Thankfully, I am usually able to overcome this after a few days as the itch to write something new creeps up on me every now and then, then I can’t resist but to ‘pen it’ down.

So here’s a short one to encourage new writers to keep writing, and cheers to a fruitful 2022.


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