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Lotus Biscoff – Snack of the week # 2

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In this week’s ‘Snack of the week’ food review, I will be talking about Lotus Biscoff, a company that produces a line of snacks which include their caramelized cookie butter spread, biscuits and cookies. I have personally tried these products and they taste really good and has a very unique flavor. Below I will review these snacks and share why I would recommend them if you are looking for a different flavor to try out.

What gives the Lotus Biscoff its special flavor? I checked online and it is actually a caramelized biscuit made with combinations of sugar, cinnamon, and salt among other ingredients. Now cinnamon, is one ingredient I feel is underrated and should be used more often. For the full ingredients you can check here which will bring you to Lotus Biscoff main site.

I first came across the flavor of the Lotus Biscoff at a Spanish frozen yogurt shop in the Aeon Mall in Malacca, famously called Llao Llao ( I heard it’s pronounced Yao Yao). Along with the frozen yoghurt you get to choose toppings on the dessert, and from their many toppings displayed, two items caught my eye. The first is the Lotus caramelized biscuit sauce, and then the Lotus Biscoff biscuit crumble. Both are sold separately as two toppings. The other toppings appeared generic as they were mostly chocolate-based sauces like Nutella, white chocolate, or fruit such as mango and kiwi, strawberry.

So I chose the Lotus toppings, both the caramelized sauce and the cookie crumble. One bite and mmhmm, it was a hit to my taste buds and I am hooked. Since that day, when I order Llao Llao, I will only order it for the Lotus Biscoff flavored toppings, and if the shop ran out of these toppings, I would not buy the froyo (short for frozen yogurt) dessert. Basically, I am eating the frozen yoghurt because of the Lotus toppings that I couldn’t get anywhere else, at least back then.

Now, fast forward to the year 2021, and I was browsing through the aisles in a K Grocer supermarket , and I found this.

The Lotus biscuit itself. Its tagline of ‘small biscuit unique taste’ holds well.

I immediately took it up, and it was the actual biscuits that were used for the crumble that for the frozen yoghurt itself. The cost was reasonable, only RM6.90 (for an exotic product) , so purchased it ( and later purchased a few more after it an out). Even when eaten plain, it tasted good, I would say even better than Oreo ( gasps!). Eaten with a cup of coffee or crumble over ice cream, both ways it is delicious. It also has a very delightful crunch to its texture, not overly soft, and not hard at all.

Then, browsing around at Aeon another week, we found this, the Lotus caramelized sauce spread. What? Now we have found both the biscuit crumble, and the biscuit spread , in Melaka? *Happy dance* Cost? RM18 for 400g bottle.

The biscuit spread is in my grasp, literally.

That night at home , we melted the Lotus spread over a low heat in a small pan , and drizzled it over our Butter Brickle Blue Ribbon ice cream ( I did a post on my favorite ice cream brand Blue Ribbon here, do check it out ) . Next we crushed the Lotus biscuit crumble over it and produced below. The taste? Super rich and yummy.

Another way to eat the caramelized sauce is to use it as you would a butter spread. We spread it over cupcakes, muffins, and even cakes like a frosting. Example below where I used the spread over a home backed chocoloate cake my mother in law baked for a family birthday on the weekend.

Lotus spread over a chocolate sponge cake

We also found that Lotus also offer cookies with vanilla filling in the middle, refer below image. The product is called their Lotus Biscoff Sandwich cookie. The kids love it, according to them they like more than Oreo Cookies. The vanilla cream in the middle is actually quite tasty.

Lotus Biscoff sandwich cookie with cream center

Where else have I found the Lotus Biscoff in Melaka? Some of you may know that we have dessert shop called Molten in a popular shopping mall here, situated on the ground floor facing the main road. This shop actually specializes in chocolate desserts, and these desserts comes with higher price tags. We patronized the place last year during me and my husband’s anniversary, and guess what we found? In their menu they offered a crepe with Lotus Biscoff and chocolate sauce combo. The two flavors go well together, and I would definitely recommend this dessert to others if you eat at Molten. It also looks really pretty.

Crepe with Lotus and chocolate sauce. Highly recommend.

What else can you do with a Lotus? Well, I liked it so much, I started to give it away as presents for birthdays and gifts to others, for example below. Why? Because sharing tasty food and introducing it to others is always a good practice. No?

Can be used as gifts. Hope you enjoyed it!

Okay, I know that maybe for some people, the caramelized spread/sauce can be a tad too sweet. But, I have yet to find a flavor that is similar to or as good as their flavor be it the biscuit or the caramelized sauce spread. Again if you like to check out more products from Lotus Biscoff, I have found their website linked here, but not all of their products are sold in Malaysia. For those that I managed to find in Melaka I have shared above. If you do have information on where else Lotus products can be found, for example in bigger stores in Kuala Lumpur, do drop me a message so I can get my hands on it, preferable their ice cream which I have yet to try.

I will end this post here, do give this snack a try and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

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