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How To Function When You’re Not Feeling All That “Chirpy”

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Ever had one of those days when you are just not feeling as bright as day, when you are mentally loaded with problems or cumbered down due to personal thoughts. It can be work or family-related, relationships, hurts, insecurities that are re-visited, or even something simple as a song that reminded you of unresolved issues.

Externally you might be shiny and glowing, but internally you are cloudy and gloomy.

The world still spins around, your kids still need you, you still need to wake up and get yourself to work. No one else can fully empathize with what you feel and you need to function to meet the demands of the day.

First of all, let me say that it is completely fine to have these periods of ‘gloom’. We all do, while some of us mask it better than the rest, others wear their emotions on their sleeves and in full display for the world to notice.

As adults, we learned how to cope with it, unlike young children who display their feelings immediately on the spot, and are still honest enough to tell us what’s on their minds when prodded further. This is usually not usually something adults are ‘allowed’ to do so, unless in the confines of home and with loved ones who are supportive. Even so, for some people, they are still unable to open up and vent although in a family full of people, and they can still feel burdened and continue carrying that load on their shoulders.

So how do we manage it?

Distraction with work and coffee is one way, little prayers in a quiet moment of the day is another way, talking with someone you trust to let it out, or just plain taking a walk.

I have always enjoyed walking. Walking and hiking, are two remedies of mine that I miss doing since I’ve had my children.

Walking helps clear your thoughts as it gives you the space and time to process them out. You may find new perspectives and view different angles of your problems, maybe even thinking about it from the other person’s viewpoint. Plus, the exercise will help you feel better as you release feel-good endorphins and this can reduce your anxiety.

To be carefree like a child.

In the end, depending on the source of your burdens, the solution may be something you need to work on with time, maybe years, hence you will need to develop ways to manage it. Even if it’s a problem pending a decision from you which you do not know yet which options to pursue, then time is still needed to derive a decision point.

Wherever you are in your life, and whatever unique situation you are in, I hope you get the support you need to find a resolution and to have the space and time to figure out what’s best for yourself and your family.

At the very least, I hope this post also reminds us that people are still people, and behind every smile we see, there may also be personal struggles and problems that they face behind closed doors.

I’ll end this post with a link to this song, hopefully, it encourages you a little as it did me in the past.

Relient K – Up and Up

Relient K – Up and Up Acoustic


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