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An Ode To My Bed

Bade me to sleep,

Oh bed of mine,

We’ve had nights of deep peaceful slumber,

Nights of tearful cries, prayer, and eventual peace,

Nights where I struggle to sleep off a painful migraine and the morning after when the pain subsides,

A few nights of drinking too much and throwing up next to the bed,

And learning my lesson to never drink that much again,

Versus the times of throwing up due to pregnancy nausea,

Not to forget those nights of little sleep while being heavily pregnant and impending birth,

Even rolling back and forth on the bed took effort with a pregnant belly,

Nights when it was just the two of us on a king-size,

Then from two turned to three,

We decided bed-sharing was more beneficial than a chore with a baby,

Nights of one to two-hour sleep intervals while holding and rocking babies back to sleep,

Nights where I sat up in bed and struggled to breastfeed our babies in the early days of motherhood,

To those afternoons where I put our babies down for their naps and followed by the act of sneakily creeping out of the bed after they’ve slept,

From three of us to four in our bed,

And after that point we eventually had to move the two of you little ones out to welcome a fifth member to our home,

Even so some nights one of you would creep back into our bed in the middle of the night,

Squeezing in quietly next to daddy,

Night of reading bedtime stories to my toddlers before bedtime,

Looking back to the year 2013, we moved into our new home in the month of February,

We bought you new and with a discount, a bedroom set it was they said,

It was simple and affordable spring mattress, a king-size was what we wanted,

Till this day you keep me company at night,

And though the husband has hinted to me of upgrading to a foam or rubber mattress,

The likes of Joey or Sonno, or maybe even a Getha (gasps at the price) in the future,

I am grateful for what we have gone through together though you are not sentient,

Till that day comes, I enjoy the comforts of your springy softness,

And for boarding my husband and me, and my sleeping children the last 8 years,

So till then, let’s have many more nights together, oh ‘bedo’ of mine.


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