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The Lure Of The To Do List

Here’s a simple way to keep yourself motivated to complete your tasks.

Create a to-do list.

I personally find it satisfying to make a list and then tick off the completed tasks at the end of the day.

It can be applied at work or at home.

You will get a high from knowing you accomplished things on your task list. It may even fuel some of us who are particularly competitive in nature.

It may be due to its shared similarities to gamification, where it can be akin to point scoring when you get to complete your lists throughout the day. A somewhat mini competition with yourself to get work done.

Either way, if it works, it works.

Basically, it serves two purposes.

One purpose is to remind you of what is needed to be done that day and help you to prioritize the urgent and essential tasks. This then keeps you on track and on top of things.

Another outcome of building a to-do list is to keep you motivated to get things done.

Some tasks that require more time may be carried forward to the next day, but you may have already started some progress in it today, and that’s a win too.

I have been using my Google Keep to make my to-do list, but you can use whatever app you choose or even the traditional pen and paper method.

Just make sure that the quality of the work done is not forsaken along the way.

Hope this helps and have a productive day!

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