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Is It Really Your Problem?

It’s a tough world we live in.

We hear of wars, widespread poverty, childhood malnutrition, and homelessness.

We know that global waste is accumulating, and there are increasing amounts of microplastic in the air.

We know about global warming and its consequences on us, and of pollution, and corrupt governments.

To top it off, we have increased mental health issues among the young and depression is becoming commonplace.

So, is it our problem?

Yes, I think so it is.

A shared problem at least.

It is easy to turn our eyes away because it’s a difficult pill to swallow, the reality of things is, I mean.

But we have a small amount of power in our hands.

If you had an education, are literate, and are fortunate enough to be living in a country without wars and not prone to natural disasters, you are already in the better half of the population on the planet.

In a way, you have now the burden of knowledge, and ignorance is not a route you can easily take unless you intentionally choose to do so.

Once your basic needs for food, shelter, and love are met, you are now able to contribute to help solve some pressing problems in this world.

So what should we do?

Take action, in every small bit you can.

Reduce waste, give what you can, support the advancement of green energy, alternative material innovation, and medical sciences, and vote for better leaders.

Maybe it’s volunteering in social groups, and getting exposure to the needs of society. It’s donating to build schools in low-income areas to give the children in those remote areas a better chance of improvising themselves.

It could be educating your kids and those in your circle, to be better than us and maybe help solve some of the problems we are still struggling with in our generation.

It could be equipping yourselves and being successful so that you are in a position of higher influence.

It may be small steps, but it’s steps.

Its taking an active part in the path towards a better world, since we have to live in it for quite a while.

Its small, but it matters, and if enough of us are doing it, it may actually make a dent.

What say you?

Can you help?


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