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Don’t Let Beauty Get In The Way Of Your Growth

When I was younger I heard of a concept surrounding beautiful people, and how being too pretty could potentially hold them back.

It was implied that by being beautiful one needed to do less to get what they wanted, and therefore they lack some self-initiative to push themselves and the outcome was that they may have less commitment to hard work.

On one hand, they had the advantage of their physical beauty, and that can be used as a platform to get attention and favors from others.

But on the other hand, because of this advantage, it can come off as a free pass to achieving goals.

At least for some of them, at least.

Think about it, you would remember a pretty face in a crowded room better than an average-looking individual.

They tend to stand out, don’t they?

Another impact is that they start to believe their self-worth is based on their appearance due to the attention they get, and start to prioritize their looks over other aspects of their life.

The thing is, wealth and beauty given from the start may make a person strive less to get to their life goals. It could maybe even divert them from knowing what they truly want.

And a short, incomplete journey may yield fewer lessons and fewer chances to build up their character.

Character traits like grit, determination, and hard work are what makes a person successful in the long term.

That, and your intellect, with a bit of luck.

That being said, there are, of course, exceptions to the rule, whereby some really beautiful people do push themselves and work hard to achieve their ambitions.

While some get sidelined by their looks and rely on these as a means to get through life.

So how does that affect me personally?

I have two daughters, two and four years old.

In my eyes they are beautiful.

But in bringing them up I will be focusing more on their character, mentality, and education.

Not so easy in our generation where beauty is idolized, especially on social media.

They will learn to treat others well and value themselves as a person, more so than their outer beauty.

This is also a self-reminder to myself, as I myself had body dysmorphia and occasionally still struggle with self-esteem issues even to this day.

Finally, I just want to say a person is defined not only by their physical appearance. What’s important includes their character, their skills, the way they treat others, and how they impact their surroundings.

So if you are beautiful, make sure you do not rely solely on your appearance and work more on what’s inside instead.

Everyone will eventually grow older, and in our aged days when our beauty is gone, it will be what’s inside that will get us through the remainder of our lives.

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