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The High Of Creating Content (Why I Joined Medium)

A while back I wrote about how I was somewhat “addicted” to being productive.

Maybe the better word for my situation was that I felt “compelled” to be productive and to “work” or make something out of my time.

On nights after my children were in bed, when I had some free time I would find things to do around the home. Be it brushing up on my native language, meal prepping the week’s breakfasts, doing some sewing, or watching videos on self-improvement, child development/Montessori concepts, home-making, or on general knowledge be it science or social issues.

The selected tasks had to bring value to the family, myself, or society.

Of course, there were times when I just watched movies or was “unproductive”, but I did feel slightly guilty after. I know, there are some red flags here, but that would be explored in a separate post about my self-reflection on my mental health status.

And this is where Medium comes in.

I needed an avenue to channel some of my energy and ideas, and ultimately produce something out of it.

This is where I get the satisfaction or high from making content, in this case, it’s in written form.

Medium wasn’t just a place for me to read other writers, or to earn a dime.

I came here because it enabled me to write and post my words out there, to an international audience.

And that is why I keep writing even when the readers are few and the income is, quite frankly, pitiful.

I write here because it puts ideas into a communicative form and spreads it out.

I write because I find satisfaction in creating content.

And I hope some of my writing has benefited you, as much as some of your writing has helped me.

So in commemoration of 1 year of being on Medium, I would like to post this article to encourage you and to thank you.

I joined Medium in August 2021, and now comes the end of August 2022.

Happy 1-year writing anniversary to myself, and thank you for the support, for reading me out, and for writing with me here.

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