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What we pack when we bring the kids out

Since our first kid was born we have been bringing a family backpack out with us whenever we leave the house. Over the years, the content of the bag have changed as we had another 2 more kids. Kids are now 5, 3 and 1 years old respectively, and below are what we currently bring in the bag when we go out.

3 Inaccurate Advice About Breastfeeding

Being a first time mum in 2016, I found establishing breastfeeding the most difficult with my first baby. As I knew I wanted to breastfeed back when I was pregnant with my first, before he was born I listened to and read up many breastfeeding advise and tips from others /articles/ online blogs etc. Although I appreciate most of the advise given, not everything I read or heard about breastfeeding were accurate and some I disagreed with, at least from my personal experience.

The beginning of blogging

Writing is an outlet for me, a new hobby that I recently started after tinkling with the idea for a while. These ‘pages’ will be a form of expression for me, to pen down on digital paper my thoughts and life lessons.