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Kaison’s toys review and why it’s worth your consideration

Kaison is known mainly for selling trendy home decorative items, party accessories, rugs, pillows, paintings, cute stationaries and trendy lights. But did you know they also sell toys for toddlers and early primary school aged children too? Although the selection can be limited, I find that the quality, build and look of the toys sold there are top notch in my opinion. I have purchased a few items for my kids from there which have been well used to this day. I’ll break it down to a few categories of why I think its worth it to browse for toys from Kaison.

1. Concept
The toys offered in Kaison are structured more to the educational type. They have puzzles of different types, from the standard picture puzzles, to the mix and match or solve the sequence puzzles, others include kaleidoscopes, magic coloring pads, miniature wood figurines and toys related to sensory play. The toys are usually quirky in design and don’t resemble the standard offerings of toys in the regular department stores.

2. Materials
This is a major plus point for me. Majority of Kaison’s toys are made from wood or thick cardboard and not from cheap plastic that can break and chip off easily. Other toys offered and from foam material or soft toys. The build of the wooden toys are sturdy and up to now since I got the kids the puzzles (about 2 years ago) they are still in good condition, and later on I be able to pass them on to family and friends with young kids once my own kids are grown. Wood and cardboard are also more environmentally friendly and sustainable, so kudos to them.

3. Price
Kaison toys are very, very affordable. The puzzles that I’ve gotten for my kids are ~ RM3 a piece, and the kaleidoscope was about RM4-5. Ding ding ding!

The only drawback for Kaison’s toys are that their toy selection are quite limited. So far I have only purchased the wooden puzzles (which I eventually went back to purchase more after my second daughter appeared to have an increased interest in putting together puzzles) and kaleidoscope, but I may also purchase their magic marker coloring books (click here for a quick introduction to magic markers) to support my 3 year old with her fine motor skill development. So below are some of the items we got from Kaison.

Wooden Puzzles
The puzzles are sturdy and well built , made from wood and relatively thick, it can be dropped multiple times while keeping its shape and integrity, great for toddler damage. They come in 2 difficulty levels, the higher difficulty levels will be with smaller pieces. This is good for starting kids off with puzzles as the final images of the puzzle are shown at the bottom and they need to match the top pieces to that image.

I was pretty excited to have found a kaleidoscope for the kids, its made from thick cardboard and the patterns and colors are wonderful. The top can be twisted to change the patterns and we thought the kids to point it at a light source and rotate the top to make different patterns appear.

So that’s a quick review for the toys from Kaison. In the grand selection of toy manufacturers, my favorite by far are IKEA toys due to it’s mostly Montessori themed toys are for child development in mind, and good build quality. As for electronic toys I would say Fischer Price toys are a good choice but their prices are pretty steep and not affordable for the majority of households.

Thanks for reading and happy parenting.

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