Ground Hog Day Parenting (The Trial and Error Approach to Disciplining Children)

Parenting young children can appear like the scenes in the Ground Hog Day, where we try out different approach to daily situations and work out what’s the most effective method to parent them. It is such a learning curve to understand our kid’s psychology and why they act in a certain way in response to events and daily situations around them.

What we pack when we bring the kids out

Since our first kid was born we have been bringing a family backpack out with us whenever we leave the house. Over the years, the content of the bag have changed as we had another 2 more kids. Kids are now 5, 3 and 1 years old respectively, and below are what we currently bring in the bag when we go out.

3 Inaccurate Advice About Breastfeeding

Being a first time mum in 2016, I found establishing breastfeeding the most difficult with my first baby. As I knew I wanted to breastfeed back when I was pregnant with my first, before he was born I listened to and read up many breastfeeding advise and tips from others /articles/ online blogs etc. Although I appreciate most of the advise given, not everything I read or heard about breastfeeding were accurate and some I disagreed with, at least from my personal experience.