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The One Mantra I Tell Myself When I Feel Overwhelmed With The Kids

Let’s face it, if you are a parent you have most certainly been overwhelmed by your own kids before. Especially the younger the kids are, the higher the expected frequency of outbursts you probably had towards them.

It all starts with sleepless nights after they are born and then you question yourself on whether they have colic, to breastfeeding struggles, and concerns about their weight gain, not to forget the ever-amusing poop explosion incidents and then obsessing over their developmental milestones. As they get older you now have to figure out ways of resolving their tantrums and arguing with them over a piece of broccoli, then comes potty training and nap time struggles.

Eventually, they become verbal, learn to self-feed, and gain some independence from you. They become quirky and develop their own character, and start to actually help you around the house and even provide some humor and occasionally good conversations.

They grow up.

And are still growing up.

Then you add another sibling, and the cycle repeats.

It’s important to remember, that these events are a season in your life, a point of time in the grand scale of ‘life’. Just like every season, it will come to an end eventually and things change and transition to a new season.

The hard days will not last forever, and in the thick of it, I remind myself of this fact.

It’s a matter of perseverance, and you will get through it. Both you and your partner.

It’s hard to imagine now but you will eventually have more time for yourself as they get older.

The day will come when they transition to grown teenagers and then to early adulthood, and as they start moving out of your home, you might even miss the times when they were little and needed you so much.

With this in mind, love them as who they are right now and take the time to make memories together, for the days are long but the years are short.

I wish you happy parenting.

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