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What we pack when we bring the kids out

Since our first kid was born we have been bringing a family backpack out with us whenever we leave the house. Over the years, the content of the bag have changed as we had another 2 more kids. Kids are now 5, 3 and 1 years old respectively, and below are what we currently bring in the bag when we go out.

Toddler baby bag with multiple compartments- used since 2016, washed only once. Thankfully it doesn’t smell (yet). The green one is a stationary bag that we tie together with the mother bag. We keep our masks in that one.

1. Water bottles(s)
Previously it was sippy cups in 2016 (first kid mindset), now we pack a grown up sized water bottle that we share with the kids, and one that they can open and close themselves (except for our 1 year old). We find this type of bottle cleaner than straw bottles, and it pops open easily with a press of the button.

No straw, opens with the press of the button.

2. Spare clothes
For all 3 kids we pack a change of clothes, placed in a waterproof ziplock bag to prevent wetness, incase of accidental spillage or for the youngest, poop damage. We also pack their pajamas for those time when we went visiting friends or attended night birthday parties, we will change the kids into their pajamas at the house before going home.

3. Tooth brushes and tooth paste
Same as no 3, if we’re going out late, we will wash the kids up, brush their teethies, and put on their pajamas at the house or place we’re visiting (usually we will ask to use the bathrooms of the They then either sleep in the car on the way home , or they immediiately go to bed after we reach home.

Toothpaste, toothbrush and a cup to contain water for rinsing. Also in ziplock bag to contain the moisture , need to air out once a while.

4. Nursing cover
Breastfeeding in public is now quite normal for me, I’ll use the cover it in the car, at inddor/outdoor play grounds, or at restaurants, as and when baby needs to feed.

This was my first breastfeeding cover, super soft, on days I dont use it to nurse I used it as a shawl.

5. Baby’s toys
This is for our youngest, I would clip her teethers or rattles to her blouse with the pacifier clip so she wont be able to throw down her toys from her high chair when we eat out.

6. Children’s books
Older kids are into books, we bring out at least 2 books in the bag each time, for the kids to read when waiting for food at the restaurant. Parental interaction needed for this activity, kids are not there yet with self -reading.

7. Babychair seat cover
Can be used for supermarket trolleys also, we have a rain coat type material seat cover that we got from Lazada to cover the outside babychairs and trolleys. When dirty we wash it in the washing machine. It saves us using wetwipes to clean the surfaces of the chairs, unless of course the baby chair is way too dirty then we need both wiping action and seat cover.

8. Snacks for kids
Kids get hungry sometimes, we keep Cheerios and also baby’s finger food snacks in the bag always. Remember t o throe out the older snacks weekly.

9. Wetwipes , tissues and face cloths
No explanation needed for this, kids are messy creatures. Every parent of babies and young kids know this is a must. Mess is no longer a ‘what if..’ scenario, its a ‘when will..’ with these kids.

10. Diapers and changing mat
This is for our youngest, as the older 2 are no longer with diapers. As for the changing mat, we use the lightweight ‘raincoat’ type material.

12. Plasters and mosquito patches
Kids fall, and kids get bitten by mosquitos. We need to be prepared eh.

12. Parents medication
Hubby has sinus issues ( hubby explicit calls it sinus-man) and me, I have migraine attacks. We keep a packet of our anti-allergy meds and painkillers (starting from paracetamol and it levels up from there, I have a few) in the bag.

Looking back we have changed the way we packed the bag as we grew more experienced in parenting. Back in the ‘first baby’ days we used to bring eoutmy expressed breastmilk in bottles and in cooler bag, and hot water flask and cup to warm up the milk in. We also packed his meals (steamed vegetables and porridge), toddler spoon and fork and plate set, and mittens, booties, ear muffs (you know in case its too loud, err), blankets, pillows etc so it was a BIG DEAL to bring him out. Now we have downsized , some what, as one bag can only contain so many things for 5 people (parents , 2 toddlers, and a baby).

Other items which we keep in the car are kids jogging shoes / sandals (dependinng on where we go), strollers for baby E and also the hardly used baby carrier/strap to body thing.

For future’ I’ve also been thinking of updating the bag to include empty exercise books and some stationary as the kids are writing and drawing more now.

What do other parents bring out? Each kiddo is different , and each family dynamic is different, above is just a sharing on what works for our kids and us.

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