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Three Perspectives On Pamela Anderson’s Bare-Faced Appearance During Fashion Week

Pamela Anderson caught the media’s attention recently as she attended the Paris Fashion Week without wearing makeup, bearing a clean face, and one that was representative of a woman in her late fifties. Her wrinkles, fine lines, and melasma were not hidden under her usual heavy makeup.

Now why would this be big news?

Firstly, Paris Fashion Week is known to bring together big and up-and-coming brands to showcase their designs to the public. Typically the attendance of celebrities is one of the highlights of the event and in a way acts as an advertisement for these shows and their brands, making it gain more media attention.

Another thing is that fashion week and the vibe it brings tends to emphasize a lot on beauty, appearances, and high-end lifestyle. Guest and celebrities would ‘put on their best face’ so to speak, from their makeup, hair, and clothes donned on their bodies.

There is no lack of photographers and probably paparazzi during these events, waiting to snap good photos of its guests.

This is my personal opinion of it, as one who hears and watches snippets of it in media and online news platforms.

Their invited guest tend to be high-profile people with a certain status or notoriety.

Lastly, Pamela herself is known for her beauty and in many ways considered a sex symbol in her time.

Renowned for her roles in Baywatch and her modeling career notably for Playboy magazine. Probably no one would have questioned her label of being an attractive woman during her prime.

So when she attended it without any makeup on her face, it was a huge surprise and one that was very unexpected. She didn’t shy away from cameras.

Here are three main perspectives people may have had of her.

1. Disapproval
“How could she attend Fashion Week without makeup? There should have been a dress code provided to guests, and for someone of her status, not appearing her best is almost like she is looking down on this event. She may be quietly mocking the brands and the other esteemed guests here.”

2. Supportive
“What she has done will have a positive impact on girls and older women everywhere, and show that a woman need not be dolled up to be beautiful or worthy of attention. That a girl is more than her looks and her appearance, and that older women can age gracefully and be accepting of themselves. Bravo girl! We should take a page from her book and learn from her.

3. On The Fence
“I’m not sure how to feel about this. At the end of the day, it is her choice, though this is very unconventional, especially for a celebrity that made her money mainly due to her looks.”

My personal take on it?

She’s had her time in media, had a life and kids, and been through good and difficult seasons in her life. She’s grown older and wiser and does not really care anymore about how others may view her. She probably prioritizes more on self-comfort and her values than on her image. With that in mind, she chooses to go bare-faced and has the confidence in herself to be at ease with this decision and whatever repercussions may come from it. It doesn’t matter to her.

And I applaud her for it.

I support her decision and the good impact that comes from it. Plastic surgery and makeup aside, no matter how we try to stop time, eventually we all age. Might as well enjoy the years without the added pressure to always look young or trying to be ‘pretty’.

A person’s worth is indeed more than how they look, and I think she still looks beautiful, maybe even more so, without makeup on.

What do you think?

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