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Apart From The Obvious Reasons, Why Is A Good Physique An Attractive Trait For An Individual?

I’m referring to those who possess bodies that are toned, fit, and with some amount of muscle definition.

Not skinny or gaunt bodies.

Other than the obvious reasons that these bodies are deemed to be attractive based on our natural inclination to link fit bodies to physical health, for me, it’s actually a reflection of a person’s mental discipline to take care of themselves.

It’s a form of discipline one takes on to exercise, eat well, and stay on top of things in relation to their health.

It’s the commitment they have made to be fit and stay fit, consistently.

Like all things, it can be akin to a person’s hard work and drive to achieve a good score in their studies, building a business, or hustling to do well in their careers.

But of course, some caution is to be practiced here, that these motivations do not progress to obsession about weight or about looking good for the sake of appearances alone.

There’s a balance between being physically fit, versus being obsessed to be merely thin or building bulk and muscle on the body for appearance’s sake alone.

The end goal is good health, and keeping a good body weight is a big part of this.

What are your thoughts?

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