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Rage Cleaning. Have A Go At It Won’t You?

I have identified my personal anger management type and it pretty much goes these two ways.

In most cases, I will boil up inside and simmer for a while, then eventually it feels less intense and ends up leaving me deflated and tired emotionally.

Then for the more trying episodes that are usually related to or caused by close ones and family, I dwell on my issues and that can lead me to feel really down on myself.

However, I want to talk about the first type of anger management style mentioned above.

In those episodes, I would get so high on my adrenaline that I feel I need to physically start moving.

So I figured that with my boost in energy coupled with my need to release some of the steam boiling inside, I should clean.

Sweep the floors, scrub the bathrooms, or wipe down surfaces around the house if I’m at home.

Maybe even doing the dishes, albeit it will be extra loud on these occasions.

Clang, bang, vroom I go.

Other times I can push myself to throw in one or two sets of exercises be it leg lifts, pushups, or strength training exercises using my resistance band.

I have to catch this wave quickly before it loses its momentum.

Because once I start to rationalize the incidents that caused the storm inside me in my head, I start to calm down.

Usually, this takes 30 minutes or so, and I become a rational person again.

The plus point here is that I managed to be productive while allowing myself to take the time to figure things out in my head while doing relatively simple and repetitive tasks.

Emotionally spent and physically tired, you may want to settle down somewhere to be alone for a few minutes, and then go on with your day.

So If you rage like me, try to combine it with cleaning.

Hope this helps.

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