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Help, I Think I’ve Stopped Being Relevant In My Writing

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I’m penning this down before this thought leaves my mind.

Some things have changed for me here on Medium.

I’ve been writing less since last December, and even so, the few stories that I wrote I have not been able to get them published in any publications, which is not something I struggled with before.

Work did become a higher priority lately and also December 2022 was spent with family from afar, those who have not been able to visit since the pandemic started. But still, even with these going on I should have been able to write. Seasons of busyness never stopped me from writing back then when I started blogging.

So two thoughts crossed my mind.

Firstly, these new stories of mine were rambly and long, and although they started with good intentions and a clear idea, the execution was terrible.

After re-reading my recent stories, they felt like I was watching the 4th installment of the Transformers movie with almost 3 hours of run time filled with explosions, and the plot was totally forgotten mid-way through the movie.

Or how an artist’s first few albums were filled with great songs and years later their new record just sounds, mediocre.

Yes, that’s bad.

Secondly, I seemed to have lost some steam for writing.

Previously I could put out something at least twice a week, writing at night after my day draws to an end, late as it gets.

Now I prioritized writing less than I used to, and it has gotten more common for me to write something and then lose the bulk of the writing idea mid-way through it, leaving the content as a draft version and then forgotten as I moved on to other topics.

Basically, I get stuck mid-way while writing, and I couldn’t conclude it well.

Has my writing stopped becoming relevant?

So the question is, how do I get out of this rut and regain my ability and passion to write well?

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