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I Wrote Less This Month But Earned The Most

November 2022.

My medium income this month was unexpected.

I only wrote 4 new stories this month.

The least I’ve written since I started on Medium a year ago.

But November has become my highest earning month thus far on this platform.

It was a good boost to my dry spell the last few months.

So what happened?

I’ve learned that a higher quantity of written stories does not equate to higher income or reads on medium.

Instead, it was articles that did well, by that I mean viral stories that for some reason Medium circulated around more than my other stories. These get views and reads, which then equates to income.

It was a tiny post that I had written for fun about how I personally don’t find metrosexual men attractive.

The story on Medium is linked below:

But for some reason, people liked reading it, and the Medium algorithm somehow favored it over the rest of the 100 over stories I had written over the year.

I actually posted this story at the end of October, but it was only by November that It started to pick up and rack up reads, before fizzling back down a month later.

It’s been a good bonus to have.

And a reminder that well written content is sometimes more important than quantity.

That, and a little bit of luck or favor from the platform algorithm.

It just so happened to make it into the ‘flavor of the month’ on Medium.

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