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Maybe A Small Dose Of Self-Doubt Is Good For Us

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No one likes a person who is full of themselves, right?

Unfortunately in today’s trend, we often see one’s own views and ideals overtly expressed and voiced out without any filter.

However, some caution is needed as we may possibly be wrong in our views, or we lack our filter, which may lead us to say something which we later regret, especially when it’s publicly shared over social media.

The same goes for the decisions and actions we make day to day, at work, at home, in our relationships, or even the choices that we make personally for ourselves.

I think we need to take a step back to verify if we are right to say and do what we have chosen to do

Maybe, we could possibly be wrong.

It’s a step to avoid being overly confident in ourselves and getting things totally wrong, which will impact us and those we love negatively.

So, take caution.

But here’s one other thing.

Humans are funny, aren’t they?

Subject one, me myself and I.

I have self-esteem issues, but I realized one of the effects of having low self-confidence is to try to be right in situations, and to avoid being wrong in front of others.

Because I didn’t want to view myself as incompetent, and neither did I want others to view me in this light as well.

But at the same time, this meant that I was insecure about myself and wanted validation from others. Now it sounds like I have a self-pride issue.

In my view, the ones who are really secure about themselves, do not need validation from others.

And they are open to admitting their mistakes because they feel comfortable doing so.

Progress cannot be made if we do not admit a flaw, right?

So in my particular case, a balance is needed.

Some confidence and trust in myself that I can do things well, and also some self-doubt in order to check in on myself from time to time.

Anyone can relate to these feelings?

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