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My 2 Steps Method On How To Avoid Feeling Self-Conscious

Here’s my personal 2 step antidote to avoid feeling self-conscious in public.

Step 1.

Remind yourself that no one really gives a toot who you are or how you look like while walking around campus or at your workplace.

This applies to most people, unless you are an exception. Examples of exceptions are that you are a famous public figure or a beauty queen. None of which applies to me. Thankfully so.

In most cases, others may look at you for a short moment and then go back to their own world of thoughts and personal problems.

You, my dear, are overthinking again.

Step 2.

Get some apathy.

It can be useful in situations like this.

Slightly pudgy tummy? A small stain on your jeans? A pimple on your forehead?

So it may draw some thoughts of disdain from others. However, these are internal thoughts that are not vocalized to you, hopefully.

But the main point is this.

Your quality of work and who you are as a person are more of an asset for you to others.

I would let it pass and not be overly concerned about what others think in that small moment in time.

Send your pants for a wash.

Buy better-fitting clothes and work on the weight in parallel.

Treat that pimple with pimple cream, and give it a few days.

Don’t let these things bring you down too much. Feel the low and move on.

And if it does linger more than it should, maybe some re-evaluation of how you view yourself and others are up for questioning.

Either way, you may apply some apathy in areas that are deemed less important, and shut those overly self-conscious thoughts out.

There it is, those are my two simple ways to help you out when you are stressed out about your self-image.

Also, a reminder to myself, since I am the most self-conscious person I personally know.

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