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Why I Don’t Date Metrosexual Men

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I was never really attracted to men who dressed well or had good style in that sense.

And what I mean is the way they present themselves externally, and not their physical features of height, bone structure, or weight.

Men who don fashionable clothes and shoes, have carefully groomed hair, and maybe have an overly keen interest in skincare themselves.

They may keep up with the times in fashion, be it by choosing to dress up in hip-hop fashion or street chic style.

My interest in him wanes if I find he has a closet of carefully selected high-end shoes and clothes or takes an hour to get ready.

I pondered about this and tried to piece together the why behind my lack of interest in these types of men, while other girls fancied them.

I deduced two possible reasons for my particular preference or my lack of attraction to these guys.

It was probably the idea that they may be prioritizing their looks and how others perceive them too highly.

Somewhat of a ‘Style over substance’ kind of situation?

Having really good skin care and dressing up well takes time, and it requires effort. Not to mention it can be costly, as a desire for upper-class brands will not come cheap.

Polishing one’s shoes till it shines, making sure their sneakers are spotlessly white, or choosing not to go out when it’s raining because their expensive shoes will get dirty.

By the way, shoes are meant to protect your feet, right? Not only look good.

There is a place and time for looking good, or in situations where you are a public figure who is in the limelight, or your work requires you to dress well.

But on regular days, do we need to be constantly ‘glowy’?

With a high emphasis on their looks, they may have to reduce their priority on the other areas in their life, and it could be time with their significant other or family, work, studies, hobbies, and so on.

The second reason is that they will most likely look better than me.

Better skin, hair, and clothes.

As one of my exes told me before, I was a simple girl, and he liked that.

Simple not in my head or the way I think, but I was low maintenance.

I dressed in shirts and jeans and didn’t know then about makeup or how to do my hair. That was in my teens to early twenties.

Now in my thirties, I at least have established a skincare routine and I eat better now. This is an upgrade for my health and at times I wish I had started it in my twenties.

But I still hardly dress up, and I would go makeup-free ninety-five percent of the time.

Also, I detest heels, they hurt my feet. Kudos to the girls who can keep them on throughout the day. It ain’t easy.

So, what type of traits in a guy am I attracted to then?

On the inside, I look for intellect, wisdom, and good character.

Externally, a guy who dresses simply like me, choosing clothes for their function over style, and care more for the ones around him. One who is not fazed if their expensive shoes get dirt on them.

Also, a cleanly washed head of hair and a clean body that has a hint of soap smell. They can skip the cologne. Perfumes make me get a headache, so I don’t have any of my own too.

Of course, when the occasion arises we can dress up together, be it for a wedding or a special event. That makes it even more fun.

And although my husband still washes his face with hand soap since I knew him, I have recently made him start using sunscreen during the day. This is progress.

What do you think?

Am I making too fast of a judgment on metrosexual men, or is there any truth in what has been deduced above?


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