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The Internal Roleplay In My Head After Observing An Unpleasant Scene

Knock knock knock.

I rapped on the car window pane.

“Sorry sir, I think this belongs to you” 

I said to him sternly as he wound down his window, and I promptly hand him back the rubbish that he had thrown out of his car a few moments ago.

The look on his face, and the look on mine, would have been a sight to behold.

At least, that’s what I wish would have happened had I gone through with what I felt like doing in my head.

But it remains as it is, only in my mind.

Because I am not confrontational, and I do not wish to have vulgarities spewed at me, or worst, get spat at.

But man, I was raging inside when I saw him wind down his tinted car windows and threw tissue and wrapping paper out. He then wound it back up again quickly.

My family and I were in a parking lot of a hotel, and we were waiting to check in. So this had just happened in front of us. In front of my kids, though thankfully they seemed oblivious to it.

At first, I was in disbelief, then I become hot.

Then I fantasized about what I felt like doing.

We drove past his car after that, his ‘rubbish’ flapping about in the wind outside his car door.

I glared into his car as his window was now down, and he was laughing with a girl beside him.

And that was it.

No drama happened.

Just a passing feeling of anger and disgust, and wishing things were better, wishing we were better.

Maybe one day, I might just have enough courage to actually do what I felt like doing, instead of just playing it out in my head.

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