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The Best Accessory to A Women’s Body Is Not What She Wears

It’s how fit she is, and not what fits her.

And that is one thing fashion sense alone will not be able to compete with.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I have always thought that the best look on a woman’s body is her body itself, and not what she wears on it.

Sure, we dress for our body type, dressing to play up our physique and its strengths, or hide our lack of it, to highlight our curves or cover our bulges.

But the best look to enhance a female body is to have a toned, strong, and fit body itself.

Because health and fitness is attractive.

I think that has a priority over what clothes she wears.

Think about it, if a woman has a healthy toned body but was wearing an oversized T-shirt and leggings, it would still look good on her. Wouldnt it?

So instead of fashion, maybe the emphasis should be on how healthy a person looks, over what they wear.

In the same way, maybe it is worth more to invest our money in health and fitness over clothes and accessories.

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