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Feminism Had A Helping Hand And We Forgot About It

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Somehow in the overarching theme of feminism and the push toward the equality of the sexes, we forgot to acknowledge some key inventions that greatly contributed to the advancement of women.

For starters, feminism is necessary.

We wouldn’t be where we are today if not for the push towards equality of the sexes, for women either in politics or in economic and social aspects in the past 100 years leading up to today.

It is against the restriction of rights to women and fights against traditional gender stereotypes, believing in equal opportunities to be made available for women as there are to men.

These are the core objective of the feminist movements.

But as a whole, it was both feminism, the invention of feminine hygiene products, and the development of contraceptive methods that supported the advancement of women in society.

Specifically female hygiene products such as menstrual pads, tampons, and the advancement in contraceptive technology from IUDs to birth control pills.

As time progressed, it is worth mentioning too that the invention of the breast pump made breastfeeding easier for mothers who choose to nurse their children while actively being in the workforce.

So was it the feminism movement that sped up the invention of these products or did the invention of these products pushed things ahead faster for women?

Anyhow, it both came hand in hand, and it solved a problem.

Acknowledging this is not demeaning to the females, it is what it is.

There is no shame in it.

The fact is, women are mentally equal to men, but not physically.

By understanding the full picture of what aided the progress of women in the past century, we can further learn how to make things better for future generations.

Be it for women, or men.

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