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Why I Unrecommended Met Gala Themed Videos From My Youtube Feed

Ask Sherlock Holmes, the fictional character of arguably one of the greatest detectives in written fiction, why we have to be selective of what we put in our brains.

His opinion is that when we overly crowd our brain with too many things it will only distract us from what is valuable and important.

According to him, our minds have a limited capacity and we simply cannot load it with information continuously and expect our brain to retain only useful memories.

This applies to us, and that is one of the reasons why I am intentionally removing videos related to the Met Gala which apparently is trending now, including any news related to the Kardashians for the matter from my Youtube feed.

Another reason is that we have so many other matters bigger than the Met Gala or the likes of it in our world and society right now. Do we want to give it any more attention than necessary?

So how do I do it?

Simply right-click on the three little dots on these videos, and select either ‘Don’t recommend channel’ or ‘Not interested’.

What this does is that videos from this channel or related to these similar themes will usually be removed from my feed the next time I log into Youtube.

The fact is, there are so many things that vie for our attention these days, one of which is the overly sensationalized topics in the entertainment industry or celebrity world.

The easiest thing is to click video after video of the first thing you see on your feed, and soon an hour or hours of your time has gone by.

Do we want to spend the little time that we have left in the day on this type of content?

Maybe it’s because I have a full schedule daily, with work and upkeep for our family and kids that already take up most of my time, and that forces me to be selective of the few free hours I have at night.

I understand that indulging in these videos can act as a form of escapism or a coping mechanism for people to get by the stresses of their life.

In some ways, it’s akin to drinking without the drunkenness, perhaps, or it may be compared to binge-watching Netflix for hours on end. If you need these to get by, then, by all means, do what you have to.

But if you are able to have the capacity to do so, why not be more selective about what occupies your attention and time.

And if you ask me, intentionality is a key factor in getting better at life and achieving your goals, if you have any.

In conclusion, it is advisable to be intentional about what you read and watch online, if you have the capacity to be selective, do so.

2 thoughts on “Why I Unrecommended Met Gala Themed Videos From My Youtube Feed”

  1. There nothing wrong with entertaining yourself by looking at beautiful fashion (which is recognized as an art form) I get the feeling you 5hink people need to worry all the time about major issues and never be lighthearted and rest their brains on something that doesn’t matter. Nothing wrong with taking a break and you shouldn’t shame anyone who does. To 3ach his own.

    1. Hi Marjorie, you are right there is nothing wrong with enjoying art and fashion. It is beautiful and can reduce one’s stress. I myself do it occasionally.
      The issue I have with it is that it occupies the majority of our newsfeeds and inadvertently takes the majority of the attention away from the realities of the world we live in, in some ways, focusing on the pretty things only and brushing away the unpretty pains of others.

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