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The Benefits Of Thinking About Our Mortality And Life In The Long Term

What if we viewed life in its entirety from where we are now, ever moving forward till the end, our end.

We are so caught up in the daily moments of our life, our routine, our discomfort, and stress at what surrounds us.

Maybe for some, thinking about the long term causes fear and anxiety, while for others, it could be feelings of relief.

On the other hand, for many others the capacity to be able to think about their future in its entirety is a luxury as they are stuck in survival mode, just trying to make it through the day. They may be struggling to keep their family afloat due to finances, health issues, or maybe caring for a loved one with chronic health complications.

Not everyone can afford to think this way, even if they do, they need to work past the shroud of their current pains to a potential future beyond it.

But having this mindset does a few key things which will help you progress in your personal life, have a look below.

1. It’s the understanding that things are temporal, seasonal, and will eventually end, that will maybe give you strength to persevere through the current struggles we face, be it at work, caring for difficult children, or a temporal illness.

2. Interestingly, thinking of your life ahead of you in years will also grant you the urgency and drive to get going in the path you want to go towards, to accomplish that goal you always wanted but have been putting off, and the things you wanted to achieve in this life before our time ends.

That wrong relationship you’re in? End it.

The over-focus on your youth and outer beauty? Maybe it’s time to put stock in something else and build those up instead, like good relationships, career goals, and your health, be it emotional or physical.

That job offer you wanted but was too afraid to take up? Maybe it’s time you do.

What are your assets, versus what are the emotional baggages that you need to leave behind?

3. Having this mindset will make you realize what’s important to you and helps you prioritize the things in your life.

It makes you create the time to be with family more, or realize the years that your kids are young are when they needed you most, or take time off from your ever-busy work schedule to go on that overseas trip you always wanted, to experience another part of the world and its culture.

Thinking about our mortality humbles you, and you then understand the importance of your personal faith.

It’s funny how thinking about life and our eventual death makes us a better person.

Because time is an asset over which we do not have control, and when we go we really do not know.

Guess while it’s morbid to think about our end, it helps us put things in better perspective, doesn’t it?

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