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One Key Thing I Look for In A Spouse And Partner

What do you look for in a partner?

Upon meeting, what gets someone a second chance to occupy a space in your head longer than it should?

Some say chemistry, and this is true, at least at the very beginning of a potential relationship.

However, in my case, I would narrow it down to the ability to have good conversations with each other.

The type of conversations that you can have with each other late into the night, and even till dawn, if you’re up for it.

It shows you are so engaged and intrigued with each other’s thoughts and who they are, that you want more of it.

Conversations that amuse you, excite you, challenge your own opinions intellectually, and emotionally, and even make you think beyond your limits.

Relationships are more than physical appearance and intimacy, though those matter as well and have their place.

But for me, it’s the companionship, the humor, and the ability to be so open with your partner that you are unafraid to share your deepest, darkest fears and thoughts with them.

In other moments, when the trust deepens over time, it is even sufficient to be in the presence of your partner, even if you are not verbally talking.

You understand each other, even when words are not there.

A lifetime of good conversations, even when the content changes over the seasons from what life throws at you, a bond that you form over years through the joy, sadness, struggles, and strive.

Wouldn’t that be something that leads to a lasting relationship?

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