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A Sign That You Are Doing Better Than You Think At Parenting

Ever wondered if you are a good parent?

Upon their first breath after birth, you and your spouse are handed the heavy responsibility of being the ones to steer your kids towards becoming the best version of themselves or towards their own destruction.

Congratulations! Here’s your ball and chain” exclaimed the doctor in my head as he hands me my baby. In my case, make it three.

I question myself, many times throughout my parenting journey, if I am doing them right.

If I am doing enough.

And I’ve come to the realization that maybe, this act itself affirms that you probably are doing fine at parenting.

The act of checking in on yourself as a parent and constantly evaluating if your children’s needs are met.

Seeking further knowledge to verify if we are doing what is best and beneficial for our children in itself shows that you are doing what is needed to be a good parent.

Reading up on childhood developmental guidelines, disciplining methods, keeping up to date on their educational needs, and following recommendations from healthcare professionals.

There is a myriad of concerns that run through my mind while bringing up my own kids.

Worrying about the nutritional content of their food, how much screen time is too much, how much sleep is ideal, and what about the Montessori method? Shouldn’t I incorporate that more at home?

Are they up to date with their vaccinations? Will there be any probability of side effects? Are they meeting their developmental milestones?

Do they feel loved?

Am I a good role model?

Which school will fit their long-term needs? Will they have friends?

Am I bringing up spoiled kids? Are they showing disrespect to others?

Crap is that too much sugar?

Are they happy?

The questions we ask ourselves as parents can be endless, as bringing up a child is no easy feat.

It is one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do.

But the love we feel for them is never lacking, nor the joy they bring to our lives. I would not change any of it.

We are gifted the ability to have children and to care for them.

In the end, it is a responsibility we bear willingly and we only have this one chance to bring them up well.

We learn as we go, at least I still am.

So give yourself some credit if you have been doing your best at parenting your children, and have some faith in your abilities.

Happy parenting.


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