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Why We Still Struggle With Anxiety Despite Having Help

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Managing these thoughts may be better now but it doesn’t fully go away.

As I imagine how an alcoholic may struggle for years to stay clean from alcohol, maybe it is the same for other forms of addictions and habitual tendencies. Be it anger management, low self-esteem, smoking, pornography, the list goes on.

Because the mind is only able to reason itself out of fear with so much internal pep talk, but the habits of a person take years to change and it’s an issue of our emotions instead of logic.

This means knowledge alone is not enough to change someone, it takes behavior change and practice, for a long time.

The key is persistence and intentionality.

Recognizing your weaknesses and triggers, and taking practical steps to make the change to avoid falling back into the same cycle of worry and anxiety. Making progress little by little over time.

You can overcome it.

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