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Put That Coin In To Play Another Round

A word to those in Melaka for tomorrow, purely from my personal opinion.

There has been word of some of us choosing not to vote tomorrow, because of the potential futility of it.

Phrases like “Does it matter?”

“Will it actually change anything?”

“They will just jump ship, wouldn’t they?”

You may think you have made up your mind but consider this.

Remember the arcade games where we used to play in malls, we would buy tokens and slot it into the game of choice, and then battle it out with a partner.

I used to play Jurrasic World, whereby from my memory, the setting of the game was to make our way across a dinosaur-infested outdoor enclosure to escape and help survivors, and we had to shoot aggressive dinosaurs to protect ourselves and each other. Good fun it was, but admittedly I wasn’t one of the better shooters, usually, my partners were better than me and went on longer without getting hurt in the game, surviving longer.

It will come to a point where my avatar was too badly injured and in order to stay on in the game, I had to put in another token. My partner would still be battling the dino’s on his own while my avatar’s countdown time flashes on the screen, asking me if I want to continue the game.

“Put in a token to continue playing”

I usually would, slot in another token and pick up my gun and re-join my poor partner, shooting the dinosaurs before they got to him, and me.

I think about this sometimes when I think about voting.

There may not be an ideal party (yet), and yes, maybe what you fear may, or may not happen after the elections.

But the thing is, you gave a vote, you cared enough to show up and cast your one vote and made a choice.

Sometimes, you should vote even if it’s just to continue another round, to stay on in this game.

Because it matters.

Stay in the game my friends, and put that token in.

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