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How Universal Basic Income And Climate Change Is Related

I may be wrong, but I think the main issue why renewable energy and universal basic income cannot be actualized in society is due to one thing, and that is greed.

The push towards the advancement and mass rollout of renewable energy will always be hindered by many countries’ reliance on the oil and coal industry, for economic gains and these will always have a major hold on government decisions.

The few major advancements in renewables in the past few years were made by an entrepreneur who had his own wealth to back up his projects, I am talking about Elon’s work on electric vehicles, designs of batteries with better efficiency, and solar energy. These technologies may not be fully perfected yet, but the keyword is progress. If he relied on government funding and pre-approvals, these would have been delivered at a slower pace or maybe, not approved at all.

Similarly for the concept of universal basic income or guaranteed minimum income, which is a government initiative to provide every adult citizen with a set amount of income regularly or monthly. One of the key purposes for this is to alleviate poverty in society. This is a controversial topic, and there are many issues that have to be considered before implementation. But in countries where capitalism is the name of the game, this concept will be hard to swallow by those who prioritized personal gain above others.

That’s my 2 cents for today.

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