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The Issue with the Phrase ‘Good Vibes Only’

I have come across this phrase quite frequently on social media and on the internet. Even a quick search under keywords such as inspirational on image sharing websites such as will include images with the words “Good vibes only”.

I assume this saying is a synonym for being always positive and optimistic, or directly mean good feelings only. The problem with this is that to be human is to have a wide range of emotions, and yes although we should be in control of how we feel and be able to manage our overall mood in order to be able to function during difficult situations, we should be allowed to feel the seasons of sadness as it comes.

If we overuse phrases like “good vibes only”, it will give the impression to others that being sad is uncommon, unwelcome, and unusual. Some may even feel ashamed of feeling sad or having negative thoughts. They may hide their feelings and keep them to themselves, further exacerbating their mental health issues.

We should not need to limit our feelings away from being sad or melancholic when the occasion allows it, as these are important outlets for us. Even crying once in a blue moon may be healthy for a person to let it all out. The fact is, most of us will have challenges in our lives and we have to be able to feel the emotions that come with it, and then learn to manage them.

Akin to social media like Instagram or Facebook, we should not only share the lovely, happy and moments, it can be used to share sadness also. That way, we don’t give the impression that life is always rosy and shiny, as this is unrealistic and far from the truth.

That being said, sure, these phrases can be used in limited scenarios. But please, don’t make it so commonplace that it shades the truth that different ranges of emotions are normal and can be allowed in human expressions and interactions with each other.

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