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Dear Publication Owners And Editors, Please Be Kind

A rant at some publications who are less than responsive or forthcoming in their responses to writers.

In the last few weeks I have come across some publications that have posted articles that they are recruiting new writers and want you to apply to become a writer for their pub if interested. They go on to write about how their publications are great and growing and can benefit you, and it got me interested and excited to start writing from them.

I read up on the pub’s writing requirements, rules of the publications and instructions on how to apply to become a writer. I emailed the information of my Medium profile and draft writings, and then waited.


A week passed. I checked my inbox daily, during my lunch break at work and before I slept.

I wrote again another time to another editor, and waited. Again, nothing.

Maybe I am too impatient, or maybe I expected too much and being unrealistic, or maybe I have had good response and engagement from the current wonderful publications I am attached to and expected the same from the rest.

But allow me to just say this one thing.

If you are going to publish an open post on Medium requesting new writers to join your publication, at the very least let them know if you will be rejecting them or if their request is under review via an email response instead of leaving them hanging for weeks. This is common courtesy and it doesn’t matter how many followers your publication have, if you can’t even to do this one thing it will leave your readers and potential writers with a bad impression on you and your pub indefinitely on Medium. Remember, you need writers and readers for your publication, things can change over time. Be courteous and kind to them.

End of rant.

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