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Eating Up My Emotions To Keep Myself In Check

Lessons on leveling up your adulthood for beginners.

Be warned, there may be potential side effects of personal growth after reading this post.

This is a sharing of a perspective and an important skill set, one that was learned over time from personal experiences.

Over the years, I have learned the one critical step to making progress in your personal life and overcoming problems is to have emotional stability, or as explained in a more defined description, having emotional maturity, and control over how one reacts to difficult situations and problems. This is the ability to not let emotions get ahead of your thoughts and overwhelm you.

Practicing this mindset is very much easier said than done, especially for a person who is by default naturally fearful and emotional, someone such as myself. My first reaction, when faced with difficult and complex topics in the past, was to be fearful, and that sometimes can proceed to become anxiety and panic.

To be clear, being emotionally mature is does not mean the lack of fear, but the ability to rationally and objectively view a subject or situation, and derive the best and most effective plan to resolve it, without panicking, giving up, or breaking down.

After thinking through it, you can conclude on the options that can be taken, then put these thoughts in a mental ‘box’, compartmentalize them, and don’t let them overwhelm the rest of your mind throughout the day.

This mindset and ability will also greatly help you at work where you may be frequently presented with some new challenges and under time pressure or have limited time to resolve them. To be able to think thoroughly as to what are the options to be taken and selecting the best approach to these situations and topics at work does help solve problems faster.

On the other hand, panicking, will mean game over for you even before you start to try.

Another keyword is try.

Start trying, earnestly. If you do not try, you do not even have a chance to have an outcome of actually winning, or overcoming the said problem on hand.

Do consider what is the worst-case possible outcome in these situations, and then what will be the best-case outcomes instead, when making decisions. This will prepare yourselves, and set your expectations, and lead you to choose the option with a potential outcome you are willing to accept.

I am still perfecting this method and my own emotional maturity. The journey continues for me, and at the very least, I can say that progress has been made.

An objective, rational and level-headed attitude and thought process is always more effective.

Some may say this mindset appears to be similar to the modern Stoicism movement. to be clear, stoicism is not equivalent to being emotionally mature, but the ability to be emotionally mature is a pre-requisite for being a ‘stoic’. Alternatively, some may even find that it is closely linked to the concept of emotional freedom. As you can see, there are popular philosophies and cultures that are built around the idea of controlling one’s emotions well.

Self-control, is an important requirement to have a functioning society.

Final take away on this topic, is don’t let your emotions control you, but you control them instead and use your logic and rationale to make better decisions in your personal life, increase your productivity and get you to achieve your goals faster.

Share your thoughts, and how you have grown in your own path to being emotionally mature. Its a journey, and even taking ‘baby steps’ in this direction is still progress.

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