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Why Comedians Are So Darn Attractive

Is it just me or do others find the funny guy or girl in the social group to be really charming? To be able to find humor in a situation or random occasion is a healthy trait to have, but to be able to find humor and project it out to share with others is another skill altogether. I mean, to be able to produce a smile out from a sullen kid or an up-tight aunt is appealing, isn’t it?

Of course, the type of humor I am referring to is not one that puts others down, and there is a time and place when a person has to be serious, but other times the ability to make yourself and others around you laugh is refreshing. I myself find the comics in the social group and on-screen attractive, and here’s why.

1. They don’t take themselves too seriously
Comedians who talk about their mistakes or give anecdotal accounts of their past errors in a humorous manner show they do not think they are above the rest of us and they too are prone to making bad personal choices and grow from them. On the other hand, a prideful person is quite a put-off to most people, as they do not want to show weakness for fear of being thought incapable or lowly of their own selves.

Comics are able to laugh at their own mistakes and recount them out to others. Hence it is easier to be drawn to and open up to a person who does not think so highly of themselves, making themselves appear to be very relatable.

2. They are really smart
Make no mistake, good comedians are clever and whether they know it or not, it is evident to others around them. These people are usually quick-witted and fast to respond to a question or situation presented, difficult or not it may be. To be that quick in giving a reply, and a funny one at that, they must have a pretty sharp mind. Have a look at Craig Ferguson from his Late Night Show series, or stand-up comedian Bo Burnham in his live sets.

I enjoy a good comedy, but specifically one with good content. Take Trevor Noah for example, I first watched his stand-up comedy as an African man who migrated to the US, and he used his skill of language and vast cultural knowledge in his set to entertain his audiences. He later on had his own talk show where he talks about difficult topics in a very articulate and tasteful manner, without being offensive. This person is funny, knowledgeable, and is a good communicator.

3. Their Confidence
They have it. To be able to speak out your thoughts out loud with the risk of offending others means they are ready for the impact of their words. On top of that, doing comedic sets require maintaining eye contact with their audiences or people around regardless of whether the audience applauds or heckles back at these jokes. These comedians or funnyman/woman talk show hosts also have to have thick skin to be able to carry on the show despite displeasure or receiving heckles from their audience members.

The good ones are able to coat controversial content with a flow of clever words. This means although the subject can be on a sensitive subject, their wordplay has the effect of disarming the listeners or bringing the point across without making it too serious.

Another trait I observe is that most of these comedic people on the other hand try to bring the spotlight to you or others and put themselves second as they do not feel the need for any special attention. This usually means they are pretty sure of themselves, without the need for additional words of praise from others.

Final note, we ourselves can learn from these funny people and take some pointers on how to become good communicators and present ourselves confidently when the need arises. If used well, comedy in itself can be used to bring out important messages across to many people. At the very least we can bring humor and joy to some people around us who may need it once in a while.

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