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Le cockroach surprise

It was 1am on a Friday night, I entered our bedroom quietly to not wake up our sleeping 13month old baby E. I then entered our attached bathroom to get something. As I turned around to go out, there it was, antenna twitching, smell permeating the space around me, a big black cockroach staring back at me from just below the door of the bathroom. I didn’t want to go near it as much as it didn’t want to come near me, but I needed to get out, but the risk of it crawling over my feet if I crossed his path terrified me. I couldn’t wack it also as I didn’t want to wake baby up. Besides I am afraid of these creatures and any attempt by me to kill it will be very dramatic (probably will involve me wacking it multiple times with a shampoo bottle while screaming). I needed a solution to get out of this ‘quietly’, think think think… ready…

I high jumped over it from where I stood in the bathroom and landed out onto the bathroom mat outside the door of the bathroom. Success i thought, as I held on to the wall as I landed to prevent slipping on the mat. It was quiet, baby was still asleep, and I’ve escaped. I proceeded to call my hubs (who was still awake on his PC outside) on my mobile phone and whispered through the phone ‘There’s a cockroach in our baaathrooomm’. He came in like a ninja, went into the bathroom, closed the door, followed by muffled sounds of a scuffled battle, silence, and then he came out, looked at me defeatedly and shook his head. The cockroach got away.

Next time cockroach, we will get you.

My attempt at hand drawing a cockroach

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