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3 interesting Facebook Group finds

Did you know if you had a certain interest and wanted more information on it , one easy way to is to seek out and browse through the list of available Facebook groups in FB and request to be added. In the last few months I’ve found below FB groups , some coincidentally and some I found after intentionally looking for these groups on purpose. Below are some that have added value to me personally, via knowledge sharing by others in the same community. Here’s my top 3 finds in the last 6 months and their FB links:

KakiRepair by KakiDIY

The FB group coverpage

These are for household, plumbing, appliances, furniture or toy repairs. From how to fix the air conditioning, replace toy battery contacts, plumbing works to how to make a bathroom wall waterpoof and pretty without tiling. This is my most recent find and I’m still browsing through the topics, but we’re checking out how to repair the kids ‘car driver interface’ toy that has spoilt due to battery leakage that have rusted the electrical contacts. From the FB group sharing seems we can buy the battery contact replacements online via Shopee and replace it, or try to clean off the rust from the spring contact. Useful leh.

FIRE and Investing Community Malaysia

Literally FIRE

This group I intentionally looked for last year 2020. For those who don’t yet know, FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retiring Early. Meaning instead of working till retirement age (in Malaysia the retirement age has been revised to 60 years of age) to save enough money to cover family expenses up to our old age (via EPF and savings account alone), why not choose alternative of having an early retirement as an option, by saving and investing sufficient funds earlier to achieve financial independance before that age. Here’s wikipedia’s explanation:

Financial independence – is the status of having enough income to pay one’s living expenses for the rest of one’s life without having to be employed or dependent on others. Income earned without having to work a job is commonly referred to as passive income.

I will not go into details on this as this topic can be lengthy, with some mathing required based on your housle hold income, expenses and etc, but basic notion is when you have achieved financial independance say at 40, 45 or 50 years old, you may choose to retire your day job and do side hustles or any other job of your INTEREST based on your own time and at your own terms, because YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORK to sustain an income to support y our family for the next 30 – 40 years. One question to you would be, what would you do for work if work was an option not a necessity?

Other topics in this group are mostly for good financial literacy , example the need to save up to 6 months expenses emergency fund at all times, investing options and portfolios out there, best banking savings plan, credit cards and some ‘hacking’ methods to achieve higher savings with your money.

One thing we did last year after joining this group is we started to open SSPN savings account for our 3 kids seeing as a way to save for their future education fund (with 4% interest gained yoy) when they are older and take advantage of the tax relief up to RM8000. Do check it out.

Cooking with Philips Pressure Cooker

Cooking with Philips Pressure Cooker created by Sidney Kan

We purchased a Philips Pressure cooker from Lazada in 2020 , in my mind to help us cook more home cooked meals at a faster speed , also due to Covid we don’t bring the kids out as often as precovid times, and anyway to bring a baby and 2 toddlers out for meals can be a challenge ( I will share what we do to minimize this hassle in a separate post, from what we bring to what methods we use at the meal table). So, what recipes did I learned from this group? How to make cake, steam fish, bake chicken, make thong sui, even cook fried rice can be done via the pressure cooker. My thoughts are if buy already, might as well make the most use out of the expensive item and get back the returns of investment right? Anyway for those of you who have a pressure cooker and looking for ideas, check out your available facebook groups to get make the most of you cooker.

Our pressure cooker on rice function, yes now its used to cook fluffy white rice for tonight’s dinnah

Hope you got some ideas from here, and maybe you can share what are your list of FB groups? Thanks for reading.

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