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The beginning of blogging

I have 3 children, a supportive husband, and am also working full time as an engineer. We live in a cozy town of Melaka, Malaysia. Writing is an outlet for me, a new hobby that I recently started after tinkling with the idea for a while. These ‘pages’ will be a form or expression for me, to pen down on digital paper my thoughts and life lessons. Since the kids are young, I tend to write at night after they sleep, and this suits me well as I am a night owl by nature. Topics expressed can be roughly categorized into:

  • Parenting experiences
  • Food
  • Child development
  • Thoughts on societal issues
  • Anecdotal stories from life
  • Personal Finance
  • Engineering and science
  • Self help and productivity

Over time I expect to understand my writing style and refine these topics better. Hope these writings add value to you, and at the very least entertain you and make you laugh, and provide another persons viewpoint on current topics. Further on, if you would like me to write something for you on any topic, do drop me a message as well.


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